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As I have told my adult masters students...‘Until you read this, you don't know what you're talking about.’  ... Baskerville is a rhetorical master....  You cannot pass this absolute must read.  It's transformative.”

                                                     Dr Frederick Feldman

Unconventional Perspectives on
Politics, History, Religion, Law, Sex
& Higher Education

About the Author

             Stephen Baskerville, PhD


is Professor at the Collegium Intermarium

in Warsaw and research fellow at the

Independent Institute, the Howard Center

for Family, Religion, and Society, and other professional associations.  He is the author of 5 major books and more than 100 articles on politics, religion, history, law, and other topics.

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You will find no platitudes, jargon, or esoterica in these books.  They will push you outside your comfort zone and force you to think about important matters in ways you have certainly not done.  In each case, what you will find is very different from the clichés presented by academic scholars and media. That these books contain more than the standard academic pablum accounts for the obstruction each one encountered from powerful interests that fiercely opposed publication.  None of these books (except perhaps my new one) waited less than 6 years to be published, and one waited over 30.  Multiple written agreements were simply broken by prestigious publishers when they found themselves under pressure for having agreed to publish a book that might cause them controversy (documentation available).  These books and other writings cost the author at least two academic positions, further testifying that the information they contain is important enough that powerful people would rather you not know it.  After all, no one loses a university job these days for publishing tedious pedantry – or nothing at all.

Forthcoming from Arktos

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A new book by
Stephen Baskerville

"Professor Baskerville is one of the most brilliant intellectuals in the United States at the moment.  His latest book discusses the political events over the last decades that led to the absolute defeat of the Right and the hegemonic rise of a totalitarian Left."

                  –  Augusto Zimmermann, Professor and Head of Law, Sheridan College, Perth,
                      and author, Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and Their War On Humanity

"Do you ever wonder how and why America was taken over by woke ideology?  ...  If you are like me Stephen Baskerville’s new book.  It just might help us save Western civilization.”

                              – Helen Smith, PhD, author, Men on Strike

"Baskerville has claims to being the world’s pre-eminent scholar.  He’s always eminently readable, makes complete sense and knows of what he speaks.  More power to him."

                                                                    – Reader's comment at the New English Review

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A bit lighter...


A Gentleman's Guide
to Manners, Sex, and Ruling the World

How to Survive as a Man in the Age of Misandry – and Do It with Grace

"This book could single-handedly restore the virility of Western civilization if only enough of persons today who, born male, flatter themselves in considering they have the potential to embody the masterful and complex calculus of being previously titled 'man,' would read it."
                                                                                                                                           Amazon reader

The New Politics of Sex

The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Government Power (2017)

Taken Into Custody

The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family


Not Peace But a Sword


   The Political Theology of 

   the English Revolution

   (1993, full edition 2018)

Cover Front (high resolution).jpg

"Professor Baskerville has written what well may be the most important book of 2017. ​ He has written a masterly and authoritative account of how 'sexual radicalism' has infected and transformed culture, politics, and the legal system."​

​                      Deal Hudson

                      Founder, Crisis magazine 

                      President, Morley Institute

"I could not put this endlessly fascinating book down after opening it. ...  Anyone concerned about civil liberties or the family will benefit from reading it."

              Hans Bader, Senior Attorney

              Competitive Enterprise Institute

"This is the most frightening book I have read in years.  Baskerville is relentless in showing how our society has waged war against marriage, and how little judicial protection is available today to those of us who resist the attack."

                              Phil Lawler, Editor

                              Catholic World News

"The world's greatest academic."
                           Substack reader

TIC Cover NEW.jpeg

"This book is a tremendous and much needed report on how family courts and government policies are harming children."                                               

                                     Phyllis Schlafly

"Baskerville has exposed a major abuse of power that is not only responsible for destroying families and for the social disorder that ensues from that. It also rationalizes massive government spending and violations of our constitutional freedoms by courts, bureaucracies, and other arms of the state."​

                     Grover Norquist, President

​                     Americans for Tax Reform

"This book is nothing short of horrifying..."

                                 Amazon reader


"This is a beautifully written thesis and superbly organized....  Everything in these covers is a pleasure to contemplate."

                Professor David Martin

                Sociologist of Religion

                London School of Economics

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“It's not often that books from academia are unputdownable and required reading, but Baskerville makes a habit of writing such. …  No claim is undocumented, and yet most uncharacteristically of his scholastic brethren, he is eminently readable, which of course makes him a damned fine writer.” 

                                                                                                          Amazon reader

“Why Is There a Left?” American Thinker, 16 May 2024

Hamas, Hezbollah, and Diffusing Radical Religion,” New English Review, May 2024

"Why the United States Went Communist", American Thinker, 1 March 2024

“Hostility Between Iran and the US Is Not the Norm – and Is Not Inevitable”, Baskerville Institute Newsletter, Spring 2024


“A Conservative Self-Critique,” review of Up From Conservatism: Revitalizing the Right after a Generation of Decay, ed. Arthur Milikh, Chronicles, January 2024.


“Toxic Western Wokeness Exacerbates Middle East Conflict,” Chronicles, 26 December 2023.

“Black Lives Don’t Matter -- Despite the Pieties of Both the Left and Right,” New English Review, August 2023.


“What Might Be Keeping Tucker Carlson Quiet,” American Thinker, 6 May 2023.


“Why Has Tucker Carlson Been So Reticent?” American Thinker, 5 May 2023.


“How Conservatives Got the Trump Indictment Backwards,” American Thinker, 28 April 2023.


“The Real Problem with Memphis,” American Thinker, 5 February 2023.

"Baskerville is the world’s pre-eminent academic, although with all due respect, that’s not saying much these days."             Chronicles magazine reader's comment

New English Review (brown).jpg

Why do conservatives lose every battle?  More urgent right now, why did they also lose the war? Why was the left allowed to stage a coup and take over the US government?  But perhaps the biggest question is this: Why does no one ask these questions?  Answering this question may answer the others.  Despite the multiple catastrophes of the last 2+ years, no discussion has been held (or permitted) about why it happened, who let it happen, or what to do about it. Conservative leaders blithely carry on doing what led to their disastrous defeat in the first place, plugging their ears to criticism. 


Welfare reform used to be the Republicans' #1 domestic priority. Distinguished scholars (both conservative and liberal) warned of the destructiveness of welfare programs.  The destruction continues and worsens, most starkly in the violence in black America, with anguished cries of "racism." But Republicans threw in the towel and abandoned welfare reform.  The result is that the welfare "underclass" (and their middle-class imitators) became the ruling class with BLM and the current White House junta.

   "Divorce-Court Demolition"

     Review of Greg Ellis' new book, 
     The Respondent: 
     Exposing the Cartel of Family Law

If Americans understood how crooked their courts really are, they would not be surprised at the current travesties of justice — like concocting patently groundless quasi-criminal accusations against former President Donald Trump and everyone associated with him.


"The Real Reason Why Mass Shooters Kill"

American Thinker.gif
       How many times do we have to say it?
YouTube Channel.jpg
"Baskerville has claims to being the world’s pre-eminent scholar.  He’s always eminently readable, makes complete sense and knows of what he speaks.  More power to him."

    -- Reader at the New English Review

"The Divorce Monster Has
Its Claws in Both Parties"

American Thinker.gif
Florida's new "Fatherhood" bill is a throwback to the Clinton programs of the 1990s.  They were useless then and they are useless now.  They can only create more fatherless homes.  They also show how easily Republicans' are fooled into enacting Demoracts' policies.

"Revolt of the Fatherless"

The crash of Western civilization can be traced to the state’s surgical removal of the father’s authority and to the feminized blind rebellion that has followed.
Chronicles Cover III.jpg

"Real Men Missing"

Emasculated conservatives calling
for the restoration of America’s lost manhood are often the ones most responsible for destroying it.
Chronicles, Real Men.jpg

"Six Social Graces Every Modern Gentleman Should Know"

Ideals of gentlemanly behavior have undergone quite a revival lately – in articlesvideos, and guidebooks, which continue to issue forth from the presses and Internet.

Catholic Link Article.jfif

But not only has that ideal declined; even efforts to revive it sometimes become merely scolding or lessons in ineffectual niceness.  Worse, modifications driven by political correctness aspire to make men more like women.  Even most traditionalists dilute un-PC masculinity with safer exhortations to self-sacrifice, leaving men feeling more disposable than heroic.  A gentleman must, tactfully, command respect as well as give it.

"Reviving the Gentleman"

Conservatives long to recapture “the ideal of a gentleman.” But is this another example of cheap moralizing and lamenting the good days gone by? Do they themselves really understand what they aim to recover?

Crisis Reviving Gentleman.jpg

"The Sexual Left, the
Welfare State, and the
Divorce Revolution"

How the destruction of the family,
and the government machinery
responsible for it, effectively drove the US to Communism.

Chronicles Cover II.jpg
Chronicles Cover.jpg

"The Coming Counter-Coup
Against the GOP"

The left’s new monopoly cannot be resisted without breaking the authoritarian monopoly of ossified conservatism.

Read in Chronicles (April-May 2021)

"The Ways in Which Colleges Legally
Silence Troublesome Scholars"

Summary article of Martin Center
policy brief

                  Read at the Martin Center site (January 2021).

Martin Center 2.png

"Is Conservative Scholarship

a Contradiction in Terms?"

          Review of Scott Yenor, The Recovery of Family Life


   Read in The American Conservative (19 December 2020).

"Don’t Be Impressed by Western 

Ideologues ​Posing as Scholars"

​​As Hungary did previously, Romania seeks to prevent parlor intellectuals from poisoning its rich academic culture with political ideology.

                  Read in the (4 October 2020).

"The New Iron Curtain"  

Colleges Use Legal Innovations to Punish Dissent

and Purge Academic Heretics

               Read in the College Fix (17 September 2020).

College Fix.jpg

​​"Jerry Falwell, Jr and the Tragedy of Christian Higher Education"


​One leader’s antics reflect a larger flaw besetting 

Evangelical colleges and universities.

​         Read in the New English Review ​(September 2020).

New English Review (brown).jpg

"Not Very Civic Education"


       Review of John M. Ellis, 

       The Breakdown  of Higher Education

The first striking feature of this book is simply that its

existence confirms its own argument, since such criticism 

cannot be expressed from within the universities ​​themselves.

All comes from outside, sometimes by professors who have retired ​(like Ellis) or been rejected or ejected, because “career termination [awaits] those who challenge campus orthodoxy.” Ellis’s case is illustrated by the glaring incapacity of this institutional concentration of savants to critically evaluate, of all topics, itself. After all, this subject might have been appropriate for a scholar of politics or education (perhaps otherwise buried in pointless esoterica and the “impenetrable jargon” Ellis ridicules). Instead it is left to an emeritus professor of German literature, one relatively immune from punishment. [...]

            Read the rest in Academic Questions (Fall 2020). 


"Is This a 'Decent Left'?" 

​In Harper's magazine, some well established

leftist and liberal (and neo-conservative) intellectuals deplore the extremism of the radical left Cancel Culture, and call for "justice" and "open debate".  But are they really any more virtuous than the campus and street radicals who aim to silence forcibly those with whom they disagree -- or just more successful at purging their rivals? 

​              Read in the New English Review ​(August 2020).

New English Review (brown).jpg

"Conservative Diffidence and the

Political Exploitation of George Floyd"

​As violent protesters destroy public property, public officials in the US and abroad are being accused of failing to stand up to them and protect people and property.  But the failure of nerve in our leaders is of much longer duration and much more serious than a few statues.  Politicians -- plus journalists, academics, churches, and everyone -- have been terrified to face the real problems of the black and other poor communities -- and we will continue paying the price. 


​          Read in the New English Review ​(July 2020).

New English Review (brown).jpg

"Purging Christian Higher Education"

Rooting out political heretics is a practice we now

associate with liberal secular universities, despite

pretenses of "academic freedom" and claims to protect it with the lifelong employment guarantee known as "tenure."  But today, the practice appears just as likely at conservative Christian institutions.  In fact, we may now be seeing a nationwide purge of the ideologically retrograde from Evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries.   [...]

     Read the rest in The American Thinker (10 May 2020).

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"No Battle of the Sexes"

12 November 2021

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10  September 2021

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Aaron Renn
The Masculinist

9 June 2021

Interview with Greg Ellis
The Respondent

22 January 2021

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Interview with

Suzanne Venker

"Divorce Industry and the Myth of the Deadbeat Dad"

14 June 2020

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Interview on 

Men Are Good

Janice Fiamengo

& Tom Golden

9 September 2021

Interview on the 
Shaun Tabatt Show

24 September 2021

Interview with
Cliff Kincaid
"Fatherless Day"

14 June 2021

Point of View Radio Interview

9 July 2020

Point of View Radio (square).jpg

Interview with

Jennifer Roback-Morse

"Divorce Court Nightmare"

4 January 2020

"Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis?"

“Fatherhood Crisis” is "an excellent and very important article -- surely one of the most important we have published in TIR." 


      Robert Higgs, Editor, The Independent Review

"I write once again to congratulate you on the high-

quality, thought-provoking, and penetrating articles

you publish in The Independent Review.  I thought

Stephen Baskerville's "Is There Really a Fatherhood

Crisis?" was particularly insightful."


       James Otteson, Philosopher

​              Read in ​The Independent Review.

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