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Forthcoming in June 2024  

Who Lost America?

Why America Went "Communist"
        – and How to Undo It
                                                                                                                              A new book by
Stephen Baskerville, PhD

WLA Cover (corrected).jpg

Why was the far Left able to stage what amounts to a coup d'état and take effective control of the US government?  This is the first book to explain the disturbing political upheaval since early 2020.  It is not another recitation of well-known events, nor another tirade against the Left.  It also does not offer wishlists of the impossible.  The aim instead is to explain why the extreme Left was allowed to take power and what practically can be done about it.  The failures of the organized, professional Right are partly responsible for allowing the Left to ascend to power, but we all bear some responsibility for neglecting serious abuses of power and permitting foolish policies that served as rehearsals for this debacle.  Finally, the book offers a feasible blueprint for effectively opposing the radical Left and freeing ourselves from its grip, because it is based on what ordinary Americans, outside the political class, are already undertaking spontaneously.  As always with Baskerville's work, the reader will be forced to think “outside the box” and pushed outside his “comfort zone” and encouraged to rethink his assumptions about our global crisis as a prelude to constructive action.

The title ironically recalls the anguished debate following the Communist takerover of China in 1949:  "Who Lost China?"






"Professor Baskerville is one of the most brilliant intellectuals in the United States at the moment.  His latest book discusses the political events over the last decades that led to the absolute defeat of the Right and the hegemonic rise of a totalitarian Left.  The book particularly describes the events of the last four years, including electoral fraud, mass psychosis, Covid, etc.  Of particular interest to me is his superb analysis of the ongoing violations of civil rights and constitutional rights that are derived, in large part, from judicial corruption and lawfare operations. His explanation of the deterioration of higher education also fascinated me, mainly because I am able to testify as a legal academic to the veracity of the facts so richly presented.  As Baskerville points out, the political class in that country must be undermined and the inalienable rights of every American citizen be fully restored.  In sum, "Who Lost America?" is truly mandatory reading for anyone who wishes to understand the times and receive practical instructions on how to restore American citizenship and political stability. This is a fantastic book and couldn't recommend [it] more!"

                                                          – Augusto Zimmermann, Professor and Head of Law, Sheridan College, Perth,

                                                             and author, Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and Their War On Humanity


“Do you ever wonder how and why America was taken over by woke ideology?  Do you throw your hands up in despair over the mental health of our kids or wonder why our country is failing families and communities?   If you are like me and wonder daily about these issues, read Stephen Baskerville’s new book.  It just might help us save Western civilization.”

                                                                                                                            – Helen Smith, PhD, author, Men on Strike


"Breathtaking in its sweep  from its dissection of the the social vandalism wrought by feminists to its denunciation of the Mafia-like practices of the American justice system and the nihilistic militarism of US foreign policy, all the while bringing these disparate elements together into a coherent whole this book is unique in that the author targets conservatives for whining but never winning.  Stephen Baskerville identifies not so much the deep state as the welfare-warfare state, and especially its sexual politics, as the cause of the Left’s permanent coup d’état:  Leftist policies are entrenched because citizens have retreated into individualism (as Tocqueville predicted) while bureaucrats have every incentive to ensure the continued existence, and even the aggravation, of the problems which their careers are supposedly meant to solve.  Baskerville proposes a remorseless analysis of why things have gone so wrong and what to do about it."


                                    – John Laughland, Lecturer in Politics and History, Catholic Institute of the Vendée (France),                                          and author, A History of Political Trials

“Stephen Baskerville to his credit never holds back in indicting the conservative establishment for the disastrous victory of the and its even more pernicious offspring such as gay marriage and trans ideology.  This author does not conveniently separate the feminist destruction of traditional gender roles from those developments that came in its wake.  This revolution has been all of a piece.”  

                                                                                                    – Professor Paul Gottfried, Editor-in-Chief, Chronicles,                                                                                                         and author, Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade 

"No one matches the authority of Stephen Baskerville on this subject. In a marvelously precise and well-documented series of chapters, he shows the decades-old roots of our current cultural and political malaise.  I particularly appreciate his ability to convey a great deal of information concisely and elegantly. Chapters on academia and foreign policy are shocking and compelling.

      This is an extremely important book."

                                                                                                          – Professor Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa,                                                                                                               and author, The Fiamengo File



A must read for anyone who cares about freedom and Machiavellian political intrigues.  A cautionary tale about the consequences of lacking self-reflection and not understanding or rising to the challenges ahead of us.


                                                                                                                     – Roger Kiska, Legal Counsel, Christian Legal Centre

“In Who Lost America?, Stephen Baskerville not only conducts a masterful postmortem on the great American experiment, but points the way to resurrecting the same.  This is must reading for every man (and woman) who longs for a return to sanity.”

                                                                                                   – Paul Elam, author, Men. Women. Relationships:

                                                                                                      Surviving the Plague of Modern Masculinity

"Stephen Baskerville has been at the forefront of America’s moral and cultural decline. His New Politics of Sex (2017) remains unsurpassed in exposing the ruinous impact of divorce.  Who Lost America? reveals the why-and-how of the Left’s takeover of our nation’s institutions with the same probity.  Even more, Baskerville shows us how to fight back. 


                                                                                   – Deal W. Hudson, President, the Morley Institute of Church and Culture,                                                                                             and host, Church and Culture program, Ave Maria Radio

"As Rome began to decay, Augustus understood that the commonwealth could not be preserved without serious attention to what too many today dismiss as "social issues".  Dr Baskerville, too, stresses that the future of society depends on attention to underlying, long-term deficiencies politely passed over by the political class.  It requires retracing our tracks to remove ourselves from the disastrous civilizational rut we are following.   His final chapter on our endemic emasculation will force the reader outside his comfort zone, and the recommendations in the conclusion will demand that we summon unusual fortitude and, yes, masculine strength.  But that’s precisely the point."

                         – Will Knowland, former Master in English, Eton College

Readers' Comments about Past Books and Articles


"Baskerville has claims to being the world’s pre-eminent scholar.  He’s always eminently readable, makes complete sense and knows of what he speaks.  More power to him."                                                                                            

                                                                                                             -- Reader's comment at the New English Review

"Baskerville is the world’s pre-eminent academic, although with all due respect, that’s not saying much these days."            

                                                                                                                         -- Chronicles magazine reader's comment

"The world's greatest academic."

                                                              -- Substack reader's comment

“It's not often that books from academia are unputdownable and required reading, but Baskerville makes a habit of writing such. …  No claim is undocumented, and yet most uncharacteristically of his scholastic brethren, he is eminently readable, which of course makes him a damned fine writer.”

                                                                                                                                  -- Amazon reader's review

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