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Corruption in Higher Education

From 2019 to 2021, after being terminated without warning from Patrick Henry College at the start of the academic year, plus witnessing similar dismissals of colleagues at other Christian institutions, I investigated several developments higher education in the US and elsewhere, and discovered quite staggering degrees of corruption and ethical violations, far beyond the stock complaints of conservatives and others.  In fact, the standard conservative grievances serve largely as smokescreens to disguise the deeper problems, which are equally or more serious in conservative and Christian institutions. 

Important new study from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Scholastic Gag Orders

NDAs, Mandatory Arbitration, and the Legal Threat to Academics

January 2021

Universities are devising furtive and ruthless new methods for airbrushing politically incorrect professors out of their institutions without the world knowing.  They are not only suppressing academic freedom, but enlisting the public judiciary to suppress freedom of expression generally and furthering the already alarming trend of allowing legal practitioners the power to punish legally innocent people. Ironically, the trend-setters are conservative Christian colleges, who claim to be altlernatives to the mainstream institutions but which in reality are equally unethical.  You may think you know what is wrong with higher education, but until you read this, you do not.

This paper has been written up in The National Review and The College Fix.

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"The New Iron Curtain"  

Colleges Use Legal Innovations to Punish Dissent

and Purge Academic Heretics

             Read in the College Fix (17 September 2020).

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​​"Jerry Falwell, Jr and the Tragedy of Christian Higher Education"


​One leader’s antics reflect a larger flaw besetting 

Evangelical colleges and universities.

​         Read in the New English Review ​(September 2020).

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      "The Secretive University"

US universities create secretive devices to
silence academic heretics.

Academics for Academic Freedom, 21 February 2021

"Not Very Civic Education"


       Review of John M. Ellis, 

       The Breakdown  of Higher Education

The first striking feature of this book is simply that its

existence confirms its own argument, since such

criticism cannot be expressed from within the universities ​​

themselves. All comes from outside, sometimes by professors who

have retired ​(like Ellis) or been rejected or ejected, because “career termination [awaits] those who challenge campus orthodoxy.” Ellis’s case is illustrated by the glaring incapacity of this institutional concentration of savants to critically evaluate, of all topics, itself. After all, this subject might have been appropriate for a scholar of politics or education (perhaps otherwise buried in pointless esoterica and the “impenetrable jargon” Ellis ridicules). Instead it is left to an emeritus professor of German literature, one relatively immune from punishment. [...]

            Read the rest in Academic Questions (Fall 2020). 

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