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 The New Politics of Sex


Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties,

  and the

  Growth of Governmental Power


   A book published in 2017 by

             Stephen Baskerville, PhD

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The First Complete Political Analysis of the Sexual Revolution​​


Sexuality has exploded everywhere throughout our society and is radically altering our culture and institutions.  But what is the effect of radical sexual ideology on our government and civic life?  What is the effect on our freedom and civil liberties?  The New Politics of Sex is the first book that seeks to understand the impact of sexual politics on our public life and the first written by a qualified political scientist (other than academic-ideologues).  The results are illuminating and highly disturbing.

"The New Politics of Sex is one of the most important works of Christian apologetics in the past half-century."

                                       Deal W. Hudson, 365 Days of Catholic Wisdom: A Treasury of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

"I had postponed reading [this book], probably because I had a sense that it would be devastating — which it is. This is the most frightening book I have read in years.  Baskerville is relentless in showing how our society has waged war against marriage, and how little judicial protection is available today to those of us who resist the attack."​                                                 

                                                                                  Phil Lawyer, Editor

                                                                         Catholic World News

"I could not put this endlessly fascinating book down after opening it. It reveals how due-process violations and anti-male bias pervade family and divorce courts, and how the breakdown of the family due to no-fault divorce is costly to taxpayers, even as the welfare state fuels it further. It describes how a suffocating climate of political correctness in academia has kept the public in the dark about these abuses."  


Competitive Enterprise Institute

What the Critics Say

"...a politically incorrect and

outrageous book..."

                ROBERT REILLY

                Westminster Institute

Three Radio Interviews 

about NPOS

Aaron Renn
The Masculinist

June 2 021

March 2019




April 2018

Interview with

American Family Radio


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"Professor Baskerville

has written what well may

be the most important

book of 2017.

He has written a masterly and authoritative account of how "sexual radicalism" has infected and transformed culture, politics, and the legal system. The entire narrative is supported by exhaustive research among scholars on both sides of the debate about the impact of feminist and homosexual activism on the entire criminal justice system which Baskerville sees as creating an entire network of self-serving agents enforcing laws that ignore the presumption of innocence, due process, and public transparency. Baskerville also shows with jaw-dropping clarity how "no-fault" divorces laws have allowed the intrusion of federal and state government so far into our private lives that "privacy" no longer exists. Single-parent families, in essence, have been promoted by government intrusion and the star chamber demands of "child support" which can so easily end up with the incarceration of fathers by ideologically-driven family courts. Both the government and the divorce industry have a financial interest in the increasing growth of single-parent families and the removal of the father. Brilliant and compelling, The New Politics of Sex issues an​ urgent plea that we cut the Gordian Knot of our radically sexualized culture and polity."  


​Deal Hudson, President, Morley Institute for Religion and Culture, and founder of Crisis magazine


 Catholic TV show discusses

The New Politics of Sex

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Article Version of


"The New Politics of Sex"


Published in the law review, 

      Western Australian Jurist ​(2018)

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Chapter from The New Politics of Sex​, excerpted in a special issue of Whistleblower Magazine (January 2018) devoted to the Sexual Revolution 

About the Author

   Stephen Baskerville, PhD


is Professor at the Collegium Intermarium in Warsaw and research fellow at the Independent Institute, the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, and other professional associations.  He is the author of 3 major books and more than 100 articles on politics, religion, history, law, and other topics.

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“The New Politics of Sex is a brilliant, long-needed diagnosis of the deliberately fostered collapse of the institutions of the West. It is a must-read for anyone who has authority (parents, pastors, teachers, politicians, administrators, judges, police, doctors, and more). Never has humankind been up against so darkly brilliant and pervasive an enemy as the one Baskerville unveils. Purchase as many as you can to distribute, and write about it, blog about it, talk about it.”

​                          PATRICK F. FAGAN

                          Marriage and Religion                            Research Institute

Professional Reviews


   James Bascom

   Tradition, Family, & Property



   Paul Craig Roberts

   Paul Rowan Brian

   in The Federalist



   John Waters

   First Things

​​​​​   Howard Schwartz 

   in Quillette

​   Chris Sugden 

   Church of England Newspaper

   Morris V. de Camp


   Roger Devlin

   Unz Review

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A Selection of

Amazon Reviews


(90% 5 Stars)

"Absolutely penetrating critical analysis of how feminism is destroying our culture. I learned something from every page. Even what I thought I knew I realized I didn't truly know."

“This is perhaps the most important policy book in years.”


“It's not often that books from academia are unputdownable and required reading but Baskerville makes a habit of writing such. …  Baskerville is your academic's academic. No claim is undocumented, and yet most uncharacteristically of his scholastic brethren, he is eminently readable, which of course makes him a damned fine writer.”

“Oh man! Talk about letting the skunk out of the proverbial perspective bag. You can choose wisely when it comes to power games creating chaos, discord, and destruction hiding. I love other books from this man too! Good job again Stephen Baskerville. Thank you!”

“Baskerville has the courage to say what many "conservatives" think but are unwilling to admit out loud.”

“I’ve never felt compelled to write a review.  This book along with “Taken Into Custody” are different.  …  These books represent the most rigorous and sober assessment of the dominant political ideology of the Anglo-Saxon West that I’ve come across. The books track the emergence, evolution and manifestations of this ideology and analyze its consequences. “The New Politics” more so than “Taken Into Custody” puts this ideology in civilizational context…. Both of these books are milestones in political analysis and, one day, during more aware times, they will be honored as such.
     Besides a reader, I’m also a survivor of totalitarian communism. Growing up in Eastern Europe, I would lock the door and listen to broadcasts of The Voice of America for a chance to hear truths unadulterated by an oppressive ideology. How sad that, over the course of just two or three generations, America would succumb to an oppressive ideology herself.”

"Even if you think you already know about these issues, you will be stunned by many of the anecdotes and studies related by Baskerville.”

"Causes You To See The World Differently.
Baskerville shows how the “Politics of Sex” has infected nearly everything in modern society. After reading this book, you will see how so many issues in the daily news or in your everyday life are completely overrun by the politics of sex. For example, “domestic violence,” AIDS prevention efforts, the UN, the divorce industry...  While the sexual revolution may have started with what seemed like a harmless bunch of hippies fornicating in the mud at Woodstock, today it has usurped power in nearly every major institution, and threatens to undo the fabric of our entire civilization."

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