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Articles:  Popular & Academic*

Articles on Politics

"Why Kavanaugh and the Republicans Deserve to Lose," Daily Caller, 27 September 2018.

​"Barbarism in the Courts," Taki's Magazine, 4 July 2018.

"What is 'Gender Ideology'?", Jacobite ​magazine, 4 April 2018.


"Revisiting the Fatherhood Crisis," Daily Caller, 26 March 2018

"How the Government Creates Shooters (and other Criminals)," Daily Caller,1 March 2018

Review of Howard Schwarz's book, Political Correctness and the Destruction of Social Order, Taki's Magazine, 27 December 2017

"Britain’s Constitutional Crisis and the Politics of Sex," Anglican Mainstream, 21 December 2017

"The Sexual Revolution Turns Ugly," Crisis, 16 November 2017 


"Betsy DeVos Shows Courage," Daily Caller​, 25 September 2017

"Tories Shoot Themselves in the Foot," Daily Caller, 12 June 2017

“Bomb Building 101,” Daily Caller, 31 May 2017

“Britain’s Referendum and the Eighteenth Brumaire of Theresa May” Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy, ​28 July 2016

​​“Poland’s Crisis – and that of the West,” Daily Caller, 26 May 2016

​​“Poland’s ‘Constitutional Crisis’: Less and More Serious than it Appears,” Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy, 13 January 2016 (Longer Polish version in Aracana.)



“War ‘for the Children’,” Daily Caller, 12 April 2017

"Whose 'Fake News'?" Daily Caller​, 21 November 2016

"Why the Sophisticates Were Wrong," Daily Caller​, 14 November 2016

"The Sexual Revolution Triumphant," Daily Caller, 10 October 2016

"A Social Policy for Donald Trump" Daily Caller, 8 August 2016

Also of interest...

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Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles

              –– mostly on the Divorce Machine,                       Judicial Corruption, and

                   Sexual Politics*

"The New Politics of Sex"

Western Australian Jurist ​(2018)

(article version)

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More academic and semi-academic articles are available on my page at

“Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis?” is "an excellent and very important article -- surely one of the most important we have published in TIR." 


                     Robert Higgs, editor, The Independent Review


"‘Sex and the Problem of Human Rights,’ in the new issue of The Independent, by far, the most sober and rational statement of the dilemmas and contradictions posed by social problems and political issues.  It is not often that I find myself nodding and saying to myself at least: this is exactly the way in which I would have framed the issues."


Irving Louis Horowitz

​Hannah Arendt Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Political Science

Rutgers University
Founder, Transaction Publishers

The Work of Philosopher 
Michael Walzer

*A Note About These Articles

Many of these articles are connected with the hideous system of family law practiced in the United States, Canada, and increasingly elsewhere -- by far the more repressive government machinery ever created in the English-speaking democracies and the greatest civil rights abuse in the Western world today.  For better or worse, these are the most strongly-worded works ever published in mainstream publications about these inhuman atrocities.  My charges include criminal wrongdoing and repression by government officials.  Perhaps my allegations are inaccurate and irresponsible.  If so, none has ever been refuted, and none of the editors has ever changed or retracted a word.  At the same time, these serious charges, charges, published in respectable journals (some of them peer-reviewed academic journals), have not been answered by the formulators of public policy nor by the scholars who defend them.  Neither have these policymakers acted upon these criticisms.  Officials should be required to address these charges one way or the other.


Moreover, I am not the only one making these allegations.  For a list of corroborating statements by other writers, researchers, and journalists, click here.

This is only a small sample of articles I have published on these and connected topics.  A complete list, with citations, is available here.  (Some have been preserved here.) Not all are necessarily still available on the internet, and I do not necessarily have up-to-date links to each one that might be, though many may still be available because they have been copied and re-posted by various people and groups.  I should also have PDF's or original typescripts to all of them and will gladly provide that if you write to me at


Please feel free to download and reprint any of these articles in your own publications and on your websites and to circulate them by electronic mail.  All articles may be reproduced provided credit is given to the original publication.

...important new book on persecution in China

About the Author

   Stephen Baskerville, PhD


is Professor at the Collegium Intermarium in Warsaw and research fellow at the Independent Institute, the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, and other professional associations.  He is the author of 3 major books and more than 100 articles on politics, religion, history, law, and other topics.

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"Divorce and the Forced Separation of Children from Their Parents," The Family in America, Fall 2013

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