How No-Fault Divorce

Empowers the State

 ​​Stephen Baskerville  

​is an academic scholar of 30+ years professional experience, most recently as Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College.  He is the author of 3 major books and more than 100 articles on politics, religion, history, law, and other topics.  ​ Read more...


Interview on

Point of View Radio

​9 July 2020

Tacitus Today

March 2019

The Conservative Defense of Marriage is Inadequate 

Ordo Iuris Conference, University of Warsaw

September 2016

Keynote Address

Ruth Institute Summit on the Sexual Revolution

Lake Charles, Louisiana, April 2019


 Interview in O Clarim ​magazine

 19 December 2018


  Based on the article, 


  "The Sexual RevolutionTurns Ugly"

Two Radio Interviews 

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Interview on Belgrade TV

Dobro jutro Srbijo ("Good Morning, Serbia") 

6 December 2017

(with Dr Misa Djurkovic, partially in English)

Interview with

American Family Radio


New Ideology of Sex

(published article available in Serbian)


Interview on the Suzanne Venker Show

"The Divorce Industry and the Myth of the Deadbeat Dad"

(June 14, 2020)

Our Interesting Times

April 2018

Home Front with Cynthia Davis


Justice in His Kingdom 

5 May 2020

  • 58:57

Newsmaker Interview,

Patrick Henry College,

March 2018

International Conference on

The Human Person and Secularization,

Vatra Dornei, Romania, June 2017


Interview with Dr Jennifer Roback-Morse

"The Divorce Court Nightmare"

(January 3, 2020)

Discussion of injustices in family law and family policy with local experts, practitioners, and activists, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade, 7 December 2017 (in English)

Europe's new "populism" is more than nationalism. 

Iasi University, Romania, 2017

Interview with Geopolitika magazine ​(Belgrade, in Serbian), March 2018 (also in English)

​​​​​   Public Lectures

"The Growing Role of the State in the Family" (lecture at the University of Warsaw and Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture,

22 Sept 2017)

Civil Liberties Costs 

of the Sexual Revolution

Core Issues Trust


 Catholic TV show discusses

The New Politics of Sex

"The New Ideology of Sex"

(lecture at Serbia's prestigious 

Matica Srpska Institute 

Novi Sad, 8 December 2017

Most TV

And 2 interviews in Serbian newspapers

(in Serbian)

Lectures, Interviews, Videos, and Podcasts