"This is a beautifully written thesis and superbly organized.  Moreover it concerns a major segment of English literature of great religious and political importance.  Everything in these covers is a pleasure to contemplate... I recommend it for publication without any hesitation whatever."  

                              David Martin, sociologist of religion

"The dissertation is a very impressive exploration of the theology, mentality, and world-view of a powerful group of preachers in the Civil War period....  I know no study which expounds the piety of this group with comparable power and detail. ...  Mr Baskerville's work will be well received by all students of puritanism, the Civil Wars, and English History."

                                                                                                          J.G.A. Pocock

Not Peace But a Sword: 

The Political Theology of the English Revolution


                                                                                     (Expanded Edition, 2018)*