See the study:

"Welfare and the 'Road to Serfdom'"

"I could not put this endlessly fascinating book down after opening it. It reveals how due-process violations and anti-male bias pervade family and divorce courts, and how the breakdown of the family due to no-fault divorce is costly to taxpayers, even as the welfare state fuels it further. It describes how a suffocating climate of political correctness in academia has kept the public in the dark about these abuses."  

​                        HANS BADER, Competitive Enterprise Institute

“The New Politics of Sex is a brilliant, long-needed diagnosis of the deliberately fostered collapse of the institutions of the West. It is a must-read for anyone who has authority (parents, pastors, teachers, politicians, administrators, judges, police, doctors, and more). Never has humankind been up against so darkly brilliant and pervasive an enemy as the one Baskerville unveils. Purchase as many as you can to distribute, and write about it, blog about it, talk about it.”

     PATRICK F. FAGAN​, Marriage and Religion Research Institute

Baskerville on the

Regional News Network

International Conference on

The Human Person and Secularization, Vatra Dornei, Romania, June 2017

Peer-Reviewed Articles on the Sexual Revolution

                                       by Stephen Baskerville

Hear Stephen Baskerville's critique of the standard conservative defense of marriage (delivered at the Ordo Iuris conference in Warsaw, September 2016).   .

Stephen Baskerville

is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College.  He is the author of Taken Into Custody: The War against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family (Turner, 2007), and of more than 100 articles on the politics of family law and family policy.  Read more...

See the ​  Title Page and Table of Contents

and read the                  Introduction.

​ The First Complete Political Analysis of the Sexual Revolution​​

Sexuality has exploded everywhere throughout our society and is radically altering our culture and institutions.  But what is the effect of the Sexual Revolution and the political ideology that drives it on our government and civic life?  What is the effect of radical political ideology on our freedom and civil liberties?  The New Politics of Sex is the first book that seeks to understand the impact of  sexual politics on our public life.  The results are illuminating and sometimes disturbing.

Baskerville at the

Institute for Democracy and Cooperation


The New Politics of Sex

The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties,

and the 

Growth of Governmental Power

A new book by

              Stephen Baskerville, PhD

"...a politically incorrect and courageous book..."

                                 ROBERT REILLY

Just Released in July 2017 from

What the Critics Say:

Also by Stephen Baskerville

Taken Into Custody:

The War Against



and the


The most devastating critique of the divorce industry ever written


Review of the works of

philosopher Michael Walzer

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